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Contracts manage the relationship between the client and supplier. They form an important part of a business, as badly written contracts can have a devastating effect on a company. It is all about formulating the right contract strategy; as each situation differs from the previous one. This course will demonstrate the different strategies and how to implement them successfully.

The contract ensures adherence to financial, time and technical specifications. A manager must then be able to control these issues in such a way as to ensure delivery within budget, on time at the agreed technical performance. This is easier said than done and requires a deep understanding of the entire process; including the role, responsibility and authority of each participant.

We will also look at the typical pitfalls that can be encountered during the execution of the contract and how to prevent or mitigate the impact on the entire project.


Participants will leave this seminar able to:

  • Acquire an understanding of the necessary contractual and legal knowledge
  • Identify the most applicable contract strategy for a specific situation
  • Be able to interpret standard terms and conditions
  • Have sufficient knowledge of industry standard contracts
  • Compile a Scope of Work
  • Be able to issue a RFP to elicit a favourable response from suppliers
  • Evaluating and adjudicating of the responses from suppliers
  • Be aware of the balance of power when negotiating with a supplier
  • Finalise the contract and preparing for delivery
  • Be able to manage the contract to ensure adherence to schedule
  • Control and manage changes to the contract and scope of work
  • Contract closure, handover and final report
  • Resolve disputes


The ideal participants of this seminar are those involved in any aspect of implementing, managing or administering contracts in the pre-award phase of the contracting process to learn about the best practices in contract management.


The seminar Instructor has accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge in all aspects of Supply Chain Management, which includes all areas of ERP, Procurement, Operations Management, Warehousing, Logistics, Customer Service, Finance, Costing and all other related management processes like Business Process Design, Quality Management, Financials, Budgets and of course Enterprise Resource Planning.

He started his career in manufacturing, working his way upwards from factory floor to planner and then to Planning Manager of a large, heavy engineering factory, earning a vast experience the practical aspects running an extremely complex operation: from the design phase up to the delivery and costing of the final product.

Since becoming an independent consultant, he was involved in many large projects with a number of companies, including FMCG, engineering, oil & gas, manufacturing, life sciences and services industries.

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