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Why BSS Middle East?


We work closely with organisations to provide maximum value and return on investment, whether in our consultancy services or in our training. By providing highly skilled and capable personnel, with real life experience in major companies, we deliver excellence in all that we do.


Our highly experienced team of expert consultants (Subject Matter Experts) have extensive knowledge in their business and functional areas. We work closely with our clients to support and guide in all aspects of the project being undertaken. 

As BSS Middle East, Consulting is fully independent, we are uniquely placed to act as trusted advisors at all stages at each stage of project implementation, to ensure that your projects are completed optimally.


High Impact Professional Training

All of our training seminars are designed to support staff in their development and in doing so, enhance their performance and impact the organisation. Continuing Professional Development is essential for all world-class organisations.

Convenience and Value for Money

Public Training is a convenient, high value option that is ideal for addressing individual training needs. We offer our full range of courses in many major cities worldwide.

Public training seminars are open to all clients. This means that delegates not only learn from the trainer but also have the opportunity to network with industry peers. Our seminars are scheduled  regularly and in various locations. Seminars vary in length from three to five days, depending on the subject being covered. Some seminars are accredited with relevant accrediting bodies and all come with a certificate of completion.

Seminars are delivered by highly qualified instructors who combine genuine subject matter expertise, practical experience and training delivery excellence.

We take great care in selecting high quality venues, paying special attention to location, facilities and service standards. Seminars take place in top quality hotels, located in carefully selected cities around the globe.