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Client Testimonials


We want satisfied customers. We want BSS Middle East to be the training company of choice. Here are a few testimonials received from satisfied clients.

Public Training Seminar: Best Practices in Multishift Operations

  • “I would recommend to my training management to nominate all other shift supervisors and senior panelmen to attend the Best Practices in Multishift Operations course”

    Mohd Zsa Zsa Ashraf

    Day Shift Supervisor
    Petronas Chemicals Methanol
  • “Best Practices in Multishift Operations is a very good course for new production supervisors. The method and skills sharing is structured to be applied at my workplace. Discussions during exercises and question sessions helped to improve my knowledge”

    Yasser Mohammed Hassan Ali

    Trainee Urea Area Supervisor
  • “Very well designed and tailored programme, professionally delivered”

    Dr Ricky S.Tomaek

    Manager Planning and Improvement

Public Training Seminar: Process Safety Management

  • “It was a very interesting course, very rich with information and illustration videos. The knowledge and experience I gained will be reflected positively in my work and way of thinking”

    Rami Yousef

    Risk Management Analyst
  • “Very good course for those who would like to understand what Process Safety Management (PSM) is all about. Case study discussions that link to missing or failed PSM elements are very useful to strengthen the understanding of what is PSM”

    Mohd Yusri Abdul Rahman

    Process Safety Manager
    Petronas Penapisan Terengganu
  • “Valuable training course covering Process Safety Management issues. I recommend to anyone who wants to learn what PSM is about”

    Cristiano Azevedo

    HSSE and Optimisation Manager
    Oman Methanol Company